Business Services


Our services are highly professional. We not only produce the figures but advise you of their significance and of any action you should be taking.
We also ensure that you are fully advised on compliance with all Company Law requirements.

We are able to keep all your books, including cashbooks, sales ledger, bought ledger and nominal ledger at any of our offices. All you need do each month is to forward to us sales invoices, purchase and expense invoices, details of cheques drawn and bank statements. We will then update all your books, prepare bank reconcilliations, VAT returns and supply you with a list of debtors and creditors. If you so wish, we can also prepare management accounts for you so that you know each month what profit you have made which will enable you to make management decisions on up to date information.

We provide advice on all aspects of taxation including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax and Value Added Tax.
We have achieved a strong reputation in the field of tax consultancy. Our approach is to plan to reduce the overall tax burden of taxation.
We use our expertise to ensure that your affairs are placed in good order and that your final tax bill is kept to an absolute minimum.

Tax Planning
This is a very wide subject which we consider each year for all our clients. However, if you would like us to consider any specific aspect, please contact us.

Tax Enquiries
Enquiries instigated by the Inland Revenue or Customs & Excise can affect any business.
Whatever the business, whatever the situation, we can address the problems of any enquiries.
We have the experience and strength to resist excessive demands, to calculate the tax properly due and to minimise the disruption and cost of an enquiry.

Management & Consultancy
We identify the weaker areas within your business where the use of our consultancy services would increase efficiency and profitability.
These services would include:
accounting software appraisal
evaluation of financial controls
production, planning and control systems
executive and other recruitment
employee analysis

Budgeting & Cashflow
We will always be willing to assist you in preparing a budget and help you improve your cashflow, both being essential ingredients of running any business efficiently.

Business Plans
We have many years experience in drafting full business plans with a view to obtaining finance from banks or other parties.

Payroll Service
Our payroll service PAYLINE can provide computerised weekly or monthly salary slips (or as appropriate). We also:
Inform you of the net amount payable to each employee
Request a cheque from you which we will forward to the Collector of Taxes on your behalf
Supply you with a payslip for each employee
Supply you with all 5th April documentation each year
We are also able and willing to create for your business a staff manual, and draft contracts of employment.

Mortgages & Loans
We are able to arrange mortgages and loans for private and business purposes.
We are able to advise on tax efficient investments.

Inland Revenue & VAT Insurance Protection
This insurance gives you the ability to instruct your professional adviser to represent you in the event of an Inland Revenue in-depth investigation or VAT appeal.
Your adviser’s fees are paid by the insurance.
Also included is a 24 hour Legal Advisory service.
We would also, however, stress that insurance cover is no retrospective.

Registered Office
Some limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships like to use our offices as their registered office.
This has many advantages, the main being that we receive most documents that require immediate attention, and that, if you operate from your home, you do not have the inconvenience of officials calling on you.

Accommodation Address
We recognise that certain small business persons, where they have no office, do not always want to use their home address for their business address, whereas, on the other hand, they do not require a full office. Therefore, we will allow you to use our office address as your office.
We will also, if required, place your business name on our board in the entrance hall of the office.
All post will be kept for your collection or forwarded to yourself in a large, stamped addressed envelope which we would ask you to provide.

Company Secretarial Services
We will perform all the statutory obligations on behalf of your company secretary including:
Keeping your company’s statutory books
Preparing your annual returns, P11Ds and submitting the same to the Register of Companies and the Inspector of Taxes respectively
Issuing new shares
and many other tasks.

Formation of Companies
We can form a new company on your behalf and advise you on the format of the memorandum and articles of association.
Our standard fee includes:
Discussions and answering questions of proprietors and directors
Supplying and writing up statutory books
Issuing shares
Completing all necessary Companies House forms
Registering the company with Inspector of Taxes
Registering the company with Customs and Excise
and much more.

Registration of Limited Liability Partnerships
We are able to register Limited Liability Partnerships with Companies House and undertake all the administration involved.

Accountancy Systems
We are willing to advise small and large clients alike on their bookkeeping and the feasibility and advisability of computerising their records or using our bookkeeping services.

Client Training
We have, on many occasions, trained staff of clients to perform the bookkeeping functions of the clients’ business and shall be happy to train your staff if you consider it necessary.

We are able to give advice on hardware and software packages.